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Dec 3, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> long live the queen. >> so the baby will be the first in line behind william regardless of gender. bravo. >> i thought your story was great. >> yes. >>> and why would one giant have his own champagne celebration tonight? i'm dennis o'donnell. can the warriors make it four straight for the first time under mark jackson? the tip off is next. ,,,, warriors are in first place? >>> the 49ers quarterback drama is grabbing all the headlines, but did you notice that the warriors are in first place? stephen curry stays hot in 11 assists. last play warriors turned it over and glen davis nails the jump shot. harrison with the big flock over aaron afflo's big shot. putting the warriors up 56-54. but the magic beat the late show last night. they gave it to the warriors tonight. he hits the 3. atlanta wins 102- 94. giants lead off here resigning the team with $40 million. and they hit 288 in the regular season. his wife wendy posted this picture on twitter of him celebrating. i mean how much champagne did this guy really need? and despite the series of mistakes for the 49ers. 16-13 overtime los
Nov 27, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> comedian cat williams is in trouble again. the chp says williams was spotted riding a three wheeled motorcycle on a sacramento sidewalk on sunday. police say when they tried to pull him over he took off drive driving against traffic. the comic was arrested for assaulting a fan in oakland twelve days ago. and he's being sued by fans for a bizarre on stage melt down at oracle arena a couple days after that. >>> the state's broke. universities are struggling. this is a surprise. u uc re gents approved a raise. cbs 5 reporter juliette tells us it's not sitting well with folks. >> reporter: uc berkeley officially named its tenth chancellor and with ate pay increase of $50,000 certainly fueling the fire tonight at a student protest. >> at 5:30 tonight police show up where six students are locked inside who are chained next to if doors some waving out a window to a group of supporters. their demonstration is calling attention to the low enrollment of student of color. nicholas dirks and his 11.4 percent salary increase. >> they tried to barge in. they'll seriously injure or maybe kill thes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2